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Decorating? Needing new radiators? or fancy a new style?

Heat Solutions can offer a wide range of radiators, whether you love the modern looking Henrad/Stelrad or the more traditional radiators, we do it all.

If you are looking to re-decorate we can take the radiators off until you have finished your decorating and then come back and re-hang them for you.

Towel  rails give you a great way to heat your bathroom and give that extra bit of decor to finish the room off. Call us for more information. 0800 165 5969


Like with any product, wear and tear can happen with the pipework around your house. The pipes can split and start to leak. The last thing you want is the water to building up behind the walls and under the floors, so they might need a little TLC. We provide a service that replaces damaged pipes and ensure that this doesn't happen. 

Replacing pipework around your home can also help the heating circulate better giving your home a warmer atmosphere, and with the water being able to flow better, meaning your boiler isn't working as hard, lower energy bills. 

This isn't a straight forward job and can cause a bit of disruption while work is being carried out but as a company we promise to put everything back where it came from and leave your home as we found it. 

Outside Taps

These are a must-have addition for the outdoors. They save the mess of having to carry water from indoors. Imagine being able to attach your hose to an outside tap instead of weaving the hose around the house. How easy it would be to clip on that power washer or fill your watering can without splashing or spilling water. We install outside taps from £70.00 dependent on the location of your pipework.

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