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Gas is a very efficient fuel for heating and cooking and it can be dangerous. It can cause explosions and if gas appliances do not work properly or are not properly ventilated they can give off carbon monoxide.

As a Landlord you are legally obliged to ensure that all gas appliances and boilers are checked annually and to provide a copy of the gas safety certificate to all tenants. It is also recommended that a carbon monoxide alarm is installed in case of a sudden leak of carbon monoxide.

Our service for a standard Landlord Safety check is £60.00, and £10.00 for every extra gas appliance checked at that time. We can provide a copy of the check to yourself and the tenant via email should you request this.

A carbon monoxide alarm can also be fitted in the case this has not already been done, for £22.00.

Landlords Certificates

      Gas Safety Check for Homeowners

As a homeowner you should protect your home and family by having your gas appliances checked yearly.

Do I need to do this?

The legal answer is no. HOWEVER, we at Heat Solutions believe that all gas appliances and boilers should be checked yearly, as gas can be extremely dangerous. Appliances can leak carbon monoxide into your home and is know as the "silent shadow"

How much does it cost?

For as little as £60.00 we can perform a safety check on your appliances and boiler and help you protect you family from the unthinkable.

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