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A new boiler is likely to be an expensive household purchases you will have to make. So it's important to choose the best boiler and engineer for your home, at the right price.
There are various types of gas boilers, our engineer will be able to advise you of the options best suited to you. These types include-
-a combi (or combination) boiler, which provides heat for your radiators and domestic hot water on demand
-a heat-only(or coventional) boiler which will have a hot water storage container and also a large cold water feed tank, usually in the loft
-or a system boiler, which is much like a heat only boiler, but it doesn't require the extra space that you need for a cold water storage tank.

Boiler Products


At Heat Solutions we pride ourselves on fitting the most reliable and efficient boilers in your home. As a company we would always recommend installing a new Worcester Bosch boiler. These boilers have been rated as Which? Best buy for over 10 years running and with up to 12 years guarantee we don't think you can go wrong.

Getting the right sized boiler

Boiler sizing includes a number of things including the heating and hot water capabilities of the boiler and the physical size of your boiler and whether it will fit in the space you have it destined for. Our engineer will also be able to calculate the heat loss value of your property.

The correct heating size of your boiler will be unique to your home and is dependent on numerous factors including how many bathrooms you have and the occupancy of your home. You can trust our engineer to ensure you have the best boiler to fit your needs.

Boiler Controls and Thermostats

Heating controls can help you manage your heating costs and ensure you are heating only the rooms you need at specific times As with any boiler installation you have the choice of controls. Worcester Bosch have a variety of controls available which include internet controls  giving you the freedom to control your heating via an app whether you are in the house or out and about. Who wouldn't want to come home to a cosy house in the winter.

If you don't fancy the technologically advanced version, Worcester Bosch also offer the standard digital controls which can be set around your individual routine.

Don't panic if you opt for the Glowworm, they also offer their own range of controlling stats.

Pricing on Boiler Installations

There area  number of factors when it comes to the price of your boiler and installing it. Obviously the size of your boiler is a huge deciding factor in our pricing and whether or not you add any additional products. As a guide for a straight forward boiler swap with flue, filter and controlling start can be anything upwards of £1500.00 subject to a full survey before quoting.

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