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What is Powerflushing?

Powerflushing is a very popular method of cleaning and maintaining a central heating system. A power flushing unit sends water through the system at a high velocity to dislodge and remove debris, scale and sludge. A thorough powerflush will improve heat distribution throughout the property, lowering energy bills and increase the system function

Why do it?

If sludge and debris is not remover from your heating system, it can accumulate in pipework, radiators and heat exchangers causing severe blockages. this diminishes the transfer of heat and can result in pipe, radiator valves and heating control servo valve damage. This can lead to early failure of your boiler.

Magnetic Filters

What do they do?

A magnetic filter is a simple device that collects the sludge circulating your central heating system before it can cause damage to your boiler.

What are the benefits?

- It can extend the warranty on your boiler if you have this fitted alongside your new boiler

- It collects debris and sludge before it causes any damage to your boiler

-Reduces the need for a power flush further down the line

-It can also extend the life of your boiler (always a good thing)

Pricing for a PowerFlush and Magnetic Filters

For our engineer to perform a powerflush on your existing system our charges start from £250.00. Again this is dependant on the exact specifications for the job required.

Magnetic filters can be installed from £120

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